Better built homes specialise in all types of renovation work, be it a complete overhaul of the fabric of your home, with the aim of improving energy conservation, smart energy use and your overall Building Energy Rating (BER) or indeed the gutting of both the external and internal building. We have vast experience in bringing new life and modernity to an old building or indeed upgrading said building preserving the old world character and enhancing that nod to the past that many traditional Irish home owners savour.

There are few greater pleasures than seeing a beautiful old building restored back to the use it was intended for or indeed converted for residential use. But there are few greater frustrations than seeing such an effort done poorly, however good the intention. This is one area where there are clear-cut rights and wrongs. And where being able to make the right judgment about what to change and what to preserve is so important. Better Built homes can sympathetically upgrade a building to Part L regulations while retaining the character of the building. We also ensure that all work is fully compliant with the fire regulations which are essential for any renovation project.

Renovation Measures are fully inclusive with all of the following aspects considered: roof work, plastering, painting, wall and floor insulation, new windows and doors, and improved heating, plumbing, electrical & ventilation systems.

Our philosophy at Better Built Homes is to concentrate on reducing the primary energy demand of your home renovation by:

  1. Providing a well insulated building envelope (Walls, Roof & Floors)
  2. Specifying high levels of air tightness with Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation where possible for maximising indoor air quality and comfort.
  3. Specifying high performance windows and doors.
  4. Specifying a high performance heating system for space and hot water heating requirements which also meet the renewable energy content of the regulations (Solar Thermal, Air/Ground source heat pump etc)

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